Bubble Gum Alley


Ever heard of this fun little place called Bubble Gum Alley in San Luis Obispo? It's this small little alley way sandwiched between two little shops in the downtown area. Since the 1960's people started sticking their bubble gum onto the walls. The city tried to keep it clean but the gum kept appearing. Eventually the city gave in and the trend to stick gum on the wall followed. I took my kids and my sister there one year on this fun little road trip along the California Coast. We stopped at the Winchester Houser in San Jose, the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, the Monteray Bay Aquarium, and of course, this little wall full of bubble gum. 

It was a blast! I bought a few packs of gum and let the kids have at it! They had so much fun making artwork out of their gum and sticking it to the walls. Plus, it was a great photo op! While it may sound gross, it was well worth the sticky fingers! This is one of the scrapbook layouts I used to remember this day - hope you enjoyed it!

And in honor of bubble gum, here are some cute vintage ads - I just love the artwork!

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  1. This layout is one of the best I have ever seen!