Bubble Fun (Again)


So we were bored. But spontaneity struck again. We hit the road, headed up the coast and made a bunch of pit stops along the way. We ate, we played, we shopped, we hiked, we ate some more. Oh, did I mention we ate?  
Anyway, along the way we stopped in San Luis Obispo at our favorite little nothing spot - Bubble Gum Alley.  We tried to find our bubble artwork from our last trip on the wall. But sadly, our masterpieces of bubble gum had been covered by layers of more gum. 

So we decided to enjoy some of the other artwork on the wall [Hey, Jimmy! We don't know who you are, but we found your gum!].

And can you imagine the sticky fingers this next person must have had after making a braided piece of gum? Ewe!
But at least the kids were all smiles and enjoyed the piece after piece of bubble gum I gave them (which is something I rarely give them). 

As you can see, the alley way is very small. I was praying I didn't get pushed into it. Although, I came very close to almost falling into it (lol). Yes, my man thinks he is so funny (not!).

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