Eye Spy Me on Cosmo Cricket!


Well, just knock me over with a feather this morning! You may know that Cosmo Cricket is one of my favorite go-to designers for most of my scrapbook creations. Well, this morning I was catching up on their blog and read today's post Eye Spy. It was a post about some interesting projects Cosmo's Design Team found on the internet. So I scrolled down the list and saw a card and thought, "Hey, that card looks familiar!"

It was mine! My card was featured on the Cosmo Cricket blog! I could get used to waking up with this kind of news.


  1. You may of noticed the name of the boat on Kim's card? The "S.S. Omo". Years ago, when Kim was in 1st grade, she made me a "Happy Mother's Day" card. She signed it, "I love you Omo". She had spelled "Mom" wrong. I thought it was the cutest thing. Sadly, I don't know what became of the card, I had it for years. So this is actually the second special card Kim's given me with the name "Omo". I love this one too and will make sure I keep it forever.

  2. Awe! Thanks, mom. Glad you liked your card (both of them)!