So today I was supposed to be doing all the things on my "to-do" list. But then, I heard a loud truck outside my house, followed by a large "thump" at my doorstep. Then, the dog started to bark. I knew it must be something important - so I stopped what I was doing and opened the front door. And who was at my door? 

Procrastination! It came knocking loudly with a box full of goodies for me! 

I quickly put down everything to open my box only to find a lovely assortment of stamps, inks, and papers that I ordered from Papertrey Ink! Whoo-wee! I couldn't wait to tear opened that tissue paper to get a closer look. 

Just look at all that procrastination just waiting to be used. And because I just couldn't disappoint my new items, I decided to stop everything I was doing to break them all in! After all, when procrastination comes knocking, the polite thing to do is open the door!

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