Play With Your Food!


I have a picky eater in my house. My son just won't try anything new. Every night it's a challenge to get him to eat his dinner. It's been this way for years. So...I gave up the battle and decided to let him play with his food instead. Thanks to these adorable Food Face plates from Fred & Friends!

I had seen these on their website a while ago and was so excited when I found them in a local shop. They were the last one's on the shelf so I naturally grabbed them, hid them under my arm, and hoarded them all the way to the register (lol)!

So, if you haven't checked out Fred & Friends products - you must! They have the coolest gadgets, fun kitchen products, and party supplies - all unique and a lot of fun. 

Even though these plates haven't made my son try new foods, he has been having a blast decorating it with the foods he loves and I've enjoyed watching him clear his plate! Hey, it's a start. 

Now if only he'd let me borrow one because I want to play with my food too!

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