Vintage Inspired Quick Cards


I can tell that Halloween is almost here because my children won't stop asking me if they can put their costumes on in search of the all night quest to fill their bags with candy. My son has been wearing his hat for his costume everywhere we the house, at restaurants, and even at the dinner table. Such a goofball! 

And because Halloween is just around the corner, I was short on time and needed to make some really quick greeting cards. I thought it would be a nice way to start off the holiday season by sending out some cards to friends and family. And being that I love all things vintage, I used my scanned images from my vintage postcard stash. Yes, I have a lot of these as I used to sell vintage toys and goodies in an antique store - after it closed I still have lots of goodies leftover. So here is what I created....

Each card took about 5 minutes to make from start to finish. Yes, only 5 minutes! So I only spent about 30 minutes in total and now I have some truly unique greeting cards to send in the mail! I hope you find some inspiration here to create something simple, yet truly special. Because receiving a card in the mail can be such a surprise!

For this first card, I used a single piece of double-sided patterned paper, cut it in half and used both sides. Then added vellum for the matting behind the postcard and tied 3 simple buttons. 

This second card is the same concept with reversing the patterned paper, except I used Kraft paper for the matting and added 3 little flowers. 

This third card is my first favorite - I used one side of patterned paper, vellum matting and simple twine.

For the fourth card I used the same patterned paper, added a ribbon behind my vellum matting and punched two stars.

This fifth card is super simple too - I used a single sheet of patterned paper, added lace and ribbon and placed the postcard on Kraft paper matting. I just love that the lace matches the witch's silvery long hair!

And for my last card (my favorite) I used a single sheet of patterned paper, tied a satin bow, used Kraft paper for the matting and added a flower with a glittery orange button. 

I'd love to know, which card is your favorite?

Patterned Papers: 
Toil & Trouble, The Girls Paperie; Blackbird, My Mind's Eye; Nook & Pantry, Basic Grey


  1. Gorgeous cards Kimberley!
    My fave is the one with twine.

  2. Hi Jaana! That's my favorite one too! lol

  3. Wow! These are super cute. I can't believe you took only 5 mins a piece. I know I would have spent 3 times as long just re-arranging elements. Ha. The last card is my fav. I'm partial to blk kitties.

  4. @sbee

    I agree! I think the black cat card is my second favorite, but a very close first.

    And yes, only 5 minutes! I just stuck with a plan and it all worked out well.