Fancy Fabric Flowers Tutorial


Hi everyone! It's my turn to host the Thursday Tutorial over at Papercraft Star! Have you been watching the tutorials there? Every Thursday one of the Design Team members presents a fabulous tutorial. Each time, I always learn something new or see a new technique I have never tried before. I just love Thursday Tutorials!

Today, I want to share some gorgeous Prima style flowers you can create using fabric and a candle. They are very easy to create and cost practically nothing. Here's how...

Step 1. Cut pieces of synthetic fiber into four different sized circles. Your fabric will need to be synthetic to melt and curl - natural fibers just won't work for this flower and may burn (I used a 100% polyester shirt that I bought, but never wore). I used my Spellbinders die cuts, but you can simply use scissors to free-hand cut. It is not important to be perfect here.

Step 2. Grab a small bowl of water and place it next to your working area (we don't want any accidents). Light a small candle and place one of the fabric circles next to the flame (not in the flame). You can see from the photo below how close the fabric should be to the flame. Once the fabric begins to curl, rotate the fabric until the entire edge is curled.

Step 3. After curling all four pieces of fabric, apply a dot of glue between each layer and adhere the layers together.

Step 4. Now the fun part! It's time to decorate. You can add leaves, buttons, jewels, or any embellishment in the center of the flower. Anything goes!

Step 5. Voila! Your flowers are now decorated and ready for your next card or scrapbook project. These would also be perfect to adhere to a little box or tag for a special gift to someone.

Aren't these pretty? I just love how easy and inexpensive these were to create. I hope you try this one !

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  1. Great tutorial Kim. I have to try this one out!

  2. Awesome flowers Kim, thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Kim, Kim, Kim! How wonderful are these flowers! To think that you repurposed a shirt you weren't going to wear ... now THAT is genius! I think so highly of this post/tutorial that I hope you don't mind that I linked to it on my blog, Please hop over there to see my current posting. I haven't tried this tip yet -- will be though, as soon as I get my fire extinguisher ready, LOL -- but I really will be!

    I am your newest follower. Thank you for sharing. I ♥ your blog!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  4. Gorgeous flowers. Absolutely love this. Will have to try this while I'm off next week for Spring Break. :)

  5. kim you are simply amazing.. i love your blog and your tutorials. i fell in love with your burlap creation and made my own version. since i dont have burlap i used a cotton drawstring bag. i gave credit where due and linked you to my blog post. would you tell me if you bought the burlap precut into the envie pocket or how you did it yourself? thank you so very much for teaching us new techniques! i love the flowers too and i will definetly be trying these!

  6. I landed here through Papercraft Star. Thanks for the lovely tutorial. Hope to visit you more often.

  7. Wonderful tutorial Kim! Those flowers look good enought to eat.

  8. Beautiful! I will definitely try these out. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  9. Mmm.. delish flowers :) thank you for sharing. I might have to spoil one of my tops so I can cut them up and make flowers ya know!

  10. I just love this technique. I've got to go home and go through my closet to see if there's anything I can cut up, LOL!

  11. wow so neat!!!