My Craft Studio Reveal - After


Thanks for joining me again for the "After" of my Craft Studio Reveal. If you are just joining me, please click here to see the "Before Reveal"

Today, I am taking you on a tour the finished room and a peak inside all my baskets and drawers full of scrapbook supplies. 

There are a ton of photos, so take your time to browse. I will keep these posts handy on my right sidebar so you can reference them later at your convenience. 

So! Let's get started...


This is my craft studio. Complete. Cozy! Wonderful! 

I have a dining room table in the center of the room for crafting with the kids or playing board games. The 12 foot long table is where I do most of my scrapping and create my projects - it's useful because everything is within arms reach (or a little farther because it is 12 feet, after all). I also have a large desk where I keep my large equipment like my sewing machine, Cricut, Cinch, and Cuttlebug. The drawers are handy for keeping related necessities like die cuts, punches, Cricut cartridges, and sewing thread.

In addition, I have a large hutch where I keep my larger supplies, like boxes that I want to embellish.

My desk is also in this room. And my little photo studio too! 

There is enough room for eight to join me and scrap. The table in the center of the room was a wonderful antique store find. It it a gorgeous oak table with the original wonky swivel wheels. The table was painted entirely white when we found it, but that was a little too much white for me. We removed the paint from the table top to find a gorgeous oak finish. We stained it slightly and now it's perfect, shabby and chic!

Plus there are two leaf extensions so it can fit even more people if needed!

The desk on the left side is perfect for storing my punches and die cuts. Plus I am now able to keep my sewing machine out at all times. Before I had to keep it in the garage and bring it back and forth. It became quite exhausting for as much as I enjoy using it.

Also, my intent is to start using my Cricut machine more. Hopefully now that it's stored on top of the desk, I will see it and put it to use. 

Here is the side view of all the shelves we built. I also just love the storage containers tucked underneath my 12 foot table. They are made my Jetmax and you can find them at Michael's. They were all on sale when I bought them for 40% off! Perfect timing for my room makeover weekend!

Also on sale at Michael's were these baskets. I am so lucky they were having a sale on the same weekend that I went shopping. Otherwise I would be broke by now! Each cubby is full of paper sorted first my manufacturer, then the extras are sorted by type. 

Underneath my shelves is plenty of room to store all the common items that I reach for the most. I placed everything in the order of how I most often reach for them so I don't have to look to hard. 

My glues and paints are stored in a little spice rack. Another thrift store sale find for only .90 cents! Score! And my wooden stamps, embossing powders, and glimmer mists fit perfectly on a wire rack. 

In the center of my table, I keep my stamps and buttons. I use these the most so placing them in front of me was a must!

I keep my buttons organized by color. I prefer to keep them in one giant box, rather than individual jars. I do this because if I want more than one color for a project, I don't have to keep getting up and down. They are all here when I need them in one big helping!

Another clever storage container that I own is made by Craft Mates. I love this little box full of my handmade resin embellishments. The container will not open unless you press a button on the side. It keep accidents from happening, which I learned the hard way when all my buttons went flying across the table. But no more! Not with little genius little box!

Inside my baskets, I have them organized by type of product. Here is a basket full of flower embellishments. 

In this basket, I store my rub-on stickers and alphabets. They seem to be in the same size packaging, so for me, it made sense. I also have a basket just for the kids. It's full of markers, crayons, and scrap papers that I have given to them. My son loves to come here to color. He is a very good artist and loves to create paper bag mini albums with all his artwork inside. I will have to take a photo of some of his finished art pieces. They are just too adorable!

Another great thing about these Jetmax storage drawers is that they are the perfect size to store all of your completed cards! I have them organized by type of occasion so they are easy to find at a moments notice! Notice the card in the back row on the right side? It was given to me from Heather Jensen! She has a ton of talent and I love that she sent me a card!

Let's talk about scrap paper! If you're like me then you have a ton of it. I decided that I wanted to keep it more organized. I used to dump it into one large tupperware, but could never find what I was looking for. 

Usually when I create, I stay close to using one manufacturer at a time rather than mixing too many products. When I have leftover scraps, I keep them stored in the plastic binder sheets, sorted by manufacturer. So the photo above shows all my Cosmo Cricket scraps. Next time I use more Cosmo Cricket, I can look through my stash first!

Here is my desk. It's giant! And heavy! I had to call for help to carry it into the house. Which of course, we broke off a piece of the back. But it's covered, so no one will ever know. Oops! Forget I told you that part!

On top of the desk are my son's gold fish. Can you believe they have lived for almost four years now? Is that even possible? 

Inside the drawers are my die cuts and plates. They are so easy to use because they are kept right next to my Cuttlebug and my Cricut machines. No excuse for not cleaning up anymore!

The desk drawers are also perfect for keeping my punches. I used to keep them in one giant basket. That was torture because just my luck that the punch I always wanted was always at the bottom of the basket! Not anymore! They are all in view and so easy to find!

I had forgotten I had all these punches! Have you ever seen me use a scalloped square? Or how about those stars? It's like I have all new goodies to play with now!

My other way of keeping scraps are in this antique mixing bowl. Usually embellishments like chipboard of paper flowers I created are stashed here until I find a use for them. 

This wire basket was another amazing antique store find. I keep all my seam binding ribbon here and extra ribbon that doesn't fit on my ribbon holder. Each tier spins so you can find what you need on the back side. Plus, it's a gorgeous green color! I am in love!

Well, thanks for taking the tour! I know it was a lot of photos see, but a craft room makeover doesn't happen very often. 

I hope you enjoyed your visit into my home. If you have any questions at all, you may leave me a comment or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Wow, great craft room, so organized and BIG! thanks for sharing! love the wire rack!

  2. I liked the tour, Kim. Your new craft room is big and fabulous! Thanks for sharing the pics :)

  3. wonderful job...doesn't it feel so good to finally get a space big enough to hold all of the supplies? I got my room done a few years ago, but it is starting to feel small again..have to get busy and pump out some more projects, I guess, to use some of that stuff up!

  4. Fantastic room Kim, I love it!! Makes me want to go into my room and rearrange it....again..LOL

  5. What a lovely room, so beautifully organized!!
    I wish you many happy hours of stamping here :)

  6. Looks wonderful Kim! Your soon to be hubby did an amazing job with the table in the back. I just need to get mine to make me a bigger table now. ;)

    Thanks for the shout out. I love that set you sent and it is about time to use it again. Thanks for sending it to me.

  7. Looks wonderful Kimberly!! I wish I had a craft room too! I only have a little corner in the basement for myself. The patterned papers you were asking about are from DCWV Linen Closet. :)

  8. What a wonderful space, so jealous!! I can't wait to have a room like that! That room would be hard to leave! :) TFS!

  9. Beautiful room couldn't possibly show you mine unless I have a MAJOR clean up. I've realised now that I love working in chaos

  10. Ooooh! Amazingly beautiful. Never mind that it is charming and never mind that you and Brett built this yourselves, one look and I can see that you will never want to remember life without this awesome studio and you are so going to need more hours in each day to play in there. Sandie (CTO)

  11. Fabulous space Kim... and Brett did an amazing job on the table... wow!!

  12. Kim it looks must be a pleasure to craft in such a great space.