My Craft Studio Reveal - Before


It's finally time for my big craft studio reveal! Since I have so much to share with you, I will break this post up into two. Before and After. Today, I am sharing "Before."

I must pause here for a second to thank and give all the credit away to my dear hubby-to-be. Bret spent two full weekends working non-stop for me to build the craft room I had envisioned. If it wasn't for Bret, I would still be crafting out of my tiny hallway closet, tripping over things as they fell out from the bursting door. He built it. With his two hands. For me.

It makes me feel in love all over again! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

The Challenge:

I guess I will start at the beginning. We have two living rooms in our home. As you guessed, I used the bigger room to transform it into my craft studio (lol)! It's not that I purposely chose the bigger of the two - it's because the bigger room has a really really bizarre layout and it was challenging to turn it into our family room. 

My new craft room is built on a higher level than the rest of the house, so you step up into it. Second, it has this very odd brick work in it from the previous owner. Since we rent, I cannot modify or change this - so we make do with what we have. 

Next, and the most bizarre, is that there is a step covered in carpet that runs the length of the main wall. This means you can't place any furniture against it, making it utterly useless waste of a good sized room. Have you ever heard of a conversation room from the late 1960's? Well, that's what this room is! It was designed to have a seating area around the perimeter of the room for everyone to mingle. 

So as you look through the before photos, you will see why we decided to make this room my craft room. We improvised the best we knew by building right over it!

Let's get to it...


The wall panel was in terrible condition. Dark. Dingy. And so uninviting! See the carpet step? Strange, isn't it? Since we can't place furniture against the wall, we decided to build a custom 12 foot table right over it! 

Notice the legs? The two in front are tall, but the two in back are cut in half to fit over the carpet step. Clever!

Here is my kitty Murphy inspecting the new painted walls. I think he approves!

The table top was created with individual planks of wood. We stained each piece in Dark Walnut. I just love its rich color! Notice the front of the table? Bret used some kind of tool doohicky to carve a small outline. I love the small details he put into his carpentry skills. 

After one full day of work, Murphy needed a nap. 

Here is Bret measuring out the length of the shelves. By this time, it's about 2:00 a.m. and he is still going strong! What a trooper! Of course you can see some of my things scattered across the room. While Bret was busy with his woodworking, I was sitting close by organizing all my supplies. Surprisingly, I am pretty quick at organizing. So once the fun of that was over, I was busy painting and assisting Bret with his collection of sawdust. 

Here is Murphy snoozing again. No help whatsoever!

Well, that's just about all for the "Before" photos. I will be back tomorrow to share the final reveal and a peak into how I keep it all organized. 

I hope you enjoyed the little tour into my studio! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Awesome! So cool to have a handy guy around the place huh ^_~ I can't wait to see all the 'after' pics